HOODED JACKET pink / purple knitting kit


HOODED JACKET pink / purple knitting kit


This HOODED Jacket Cardigan will fit 18” full-bodied doll, such as American Girl and similar.

The jacket was created with slightly over-sized hood to accommodate the dolls’ long hair.

The Knitting Kit to make this outfit consists of all the yarn required for this projects, 8 stitch markers rings, 2 buttons and pattern (black-n-white printed).

This Cardigan / Jacket pattern is created with  straight sleeve and straight body with just a bit of added fullness at the waist for perfect fit. The jacket is adorned by super soft multi toned matching color “boa” yarn cuff on the sleeve and trim around the face on the hood as well as hem of the jacket. The Jacket has 2 buttonholes to accommodate 2 buttons included with this kit.

Kit Includes:

  • Approximately 110 – 115 g total high quality acrylic worsted weight main color and multi toned “boa” acrylic yarn
  • 8 loom band loops to be used as stitch markers
  • 2 matching buttons (may not be exact as pictured)
  • printed B/W knitting pattern for this item
  • FREE Shipping within US

(Shipping to Canada is $5 flat regardless of number of items ordered)

***Please note that as gorgeous and soft trim Boa yarn is, it can be challenging to work with due to its texture. If you are a novice knitter or need glasses to knit, please consider taking your time while working with this yarn and do it in a well lit area.

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