Duck Dynasty a LaRusse 18″ doll set Knitting Kit

Duck Dynasty a LaRusse 18″ doll set Knitting Kit

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The pattern Duck Dynasty a LaRusse became a sensation when I first published it following Winter Olympic games in Russia. It features Russian Ushanka Hat and multi-color over-all pattern for the body.

This striking kit was put together using very soft self patterning in the shades of sea yarn for main body and super soft and cuddly white pipsqueak for trim.

Both of the yarns are such a pleasure to knit and the result is striking.

Additionally the kit contains matching buttons (not necessary as in the photo) that complete the total look.

Complete kit is shipped to you FREE (US address only).

Total cost $15

Kit includes:

  • 75 grams of self-patterning turquoise yarn
  • 20-25 (you will only need about 15 g) grams of soft Pipsqueak yarn
  • 3 matching white buttons
  • Printed (black-n-white) pattern. (digital copy of the pattern provided upon request)
  • Rubber rings to be used as stitch markers.
  • Shipped by US mail (US only, Canada – additional charge of $5 for shipping)

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1 review for Duck Dynasty a LaRusse 18″ doll set Knitting Kit

  1. Faye Steinbach

    This is a wonderful pattern and very easy. I have made it a few times with Patons Decor yarn and like the way it self patterns. I would like to know if anyone else has made it with different yarn, Since I live in Canada we are limited to the brands of yarn but I would like to buy additional colors when visiting the U.S. so if you can tell me what other yarn works well I would appreciate it.

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