Duck Dynasty A LaRusse Knitting Pattern (54)

Duck Dynasty A LaRusse Knitting Pattern (54)


Inspired by some of the wonderfully self-patterning yarns that resemble camouflage design once knitted and a cold weather we are all experiencing this year I created this model.
This cold Winter made me remember how as a child I kept warm by wearing a traditional / almost military Russian hat Ushanka. It can be worn so many different ways; ear flaps tied under your chin for most cold protection, tied on the top of the crown in a military style and finally my favorite “girly” way with ear flaps folded back and tied on the back.

This pattern uses about 50g of aran or worsted weight yarn and about 20g of any Sherpa-looking yarn like the Bella Soft Panda, Dark Horse Enchanting and finally Pipsqueak. Yarns and trim colors can be complimentary / matching or contrasting.
This is a quick and easy project.
This particular pattern is written for a full bodied 18” doll.
Slim bodied doll pattern and slim with smaller head 18” doll pattern is also available in my shop.


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