Ice Princess Dress 18″ doll Knitting Pattern (058)


Ice Princess Dress 18″ doll Knitting Pattern (058)


Ice Princess Dress to fit 18″ doll was inspired by the movie Frozen.

The dress design features white top and flared at the wrist sleeves as well as mostly blue lower part with chevron white detail. The back opens to about waistline and has one button at the neckline.

This pattern uses DK yarn and requires regular straight needle (or circular if preferred) size 4 to 6 depending on one’s knitting tension.

I used Premier Primo for the blue part and white sequin yarn of the unknown origin (millends) for the top.  I advise to use a yarn with at least 50% natural fiber (cotton, wool, linen) in it for the bottom part of the dress. This will make blocking safer and will make the dress shape beautifully.


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