FLOWER dress Knitting Pattern fits 18″ doll (059)

FLOWER dress Knitting Pattern fits 18″ doll (059)


It was my intention to make a dress that looked like a flower.
Starting with a green base of the flower coming from the stem the colors change to a pale version of green (white or off white) and then to a pale version of the color of the flower to finally come to a deeper version of same color.
The flower shape is achieved by gradual increases in the body of the dress.
Using cotton or cotton blend yarn allows for a successful steam blocking which makes this dress hold its intended shape.

The pattern will create a dress to fit slim, medium, and full 18″ doll such as American Girl, My Generation, Kidz’n Cats, Gotz, Journey doll and similar.

Pattern can be knit in a round or (as written) flat with a back seam.

*The listing is for the pattern to make this dress
*Knitted garment, Doll and other accessories in the photo are not for sale
*This is an original pattern and may NOT be reproduced for commercial purposes
*Making garments using my patterns and selling them is allowed with a link credit to my store posted on your listing
Happy Knitting!



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